AN OUTDOOR swimming pool in a Teignbridge town is open for the 2024 season, and its lifeguards are keen to pass on some of their life-saving knowledge.

Bovey Tracey Swimming Pool opened its doors in late April.

The pool is fortunate to have a robust team of lifeguards, many of whom learned their lifesaving skills through the pool’s lifesaving club.

Lifeguards undergo rigorous training, which equip them with the skills to prevent potential hazards, as well as to perform water rescues when necessary.

They are proficient in addressing more than 20 medical emergencies, encompassing CPR, defibrillator use, heart conditions, seizures, asthma attacks, and more.

If the weather is a bit chilly, you might spot the lifeguards wearing light grey hoodies.

On the back of the hoodies is written the emergency action required where there is an unconscious not breathing casualty.

The lifeguards are available to address inquiries regarding CPR and defibrillator usage.

‘Our goal is to empower as many individuals as possible with this life-saving knowledge, especially among the 2000 people who frequent Bovey Pool’ a spokeperson said.

‘It would be remarkable if everyone could acquire this essential knowledge, potentially saving lives in the process’ the spokesperson added.

In 2020, Sue Hutchings, a trainer of the lifesaving club and a trained lifeguard, encountered a critical situation while playing walking football in Exeter.

A 72-year-old participant collapsed before her.

Sue initiated CPR and called for a defibrillator.

Thanks to her swift actions the gentleman survived, underwent surgery and returned to playing football within a year.