AN EXTRA £1.3million has been approved to finance a new link road and bridge scheme on the outskirts of Dawlish.

The project, part of the ongoing DA2 housing allocation to build more than 1,000 homes in Dawlish, already had £4.9million grant funding.

But escalating construction costs have meant the scheme’s overall bill has rocketed.

Teignbridge councillors, meeting for the first time since the local elections, were asked to agree to the additional costs which will come from the Community Infrastructure Levy coffers. 

Council officer Fergus Pate explained: ‘Since the funding was granted, the costs have risen to £6.2million.

‘The scheme is ready to be constructed, Devon County Council has been through the procurement process and is ready to award to contract and for work to start in August following extensive negotiations with land owners.’

Mr Pate said there had been ‘careful co-ordination’ between design teams to ensure the road would be joined up ‘horizontally and vertically’ and at the correct height. 

The road and the 26 metre span bridge over Shutterton Brook are due for completion in the summer of 2024. 

Members were warned that if a decision was not made, there was a risk to the £4.9 million grant funding and that the bridge, and a significant proportion of the link road at Dawlish, would not be delivered. 

Dawlish councillor Gary Taylor said the additional funding was needed due to inflation.

In addition to the new homes, some of which are already built, there is a 71 bed care home under construction.

The new road and bridge, he said, would reduce journey times and congestion along with easing traffic along Elm Grove Road which is the location of two schools. 

Fellow Dawlish councillor Alison Foden said she was ‘excited’ to see the road finally built after eight years of residents and Dawlish Town Council campaigning.

And new Mayor of Dawlish Cllr Rosie Dawson added: ‘We have had a lot of development in Dawlish but we don’t have the road structure to support it. People have been crying out for this and now we have the chance to deliver.’