Residents and commuters in the Dunsford area are facing disruptions to their daily routines as several trees have fallen on the B3212 and other roads in the vicinity.

A fallen tree on Six Mile Hill on the B3212 has blocked the road, causing significant inconvenience to drivers. Another tree has fallen on the main road from Dunsford to Longdown, but it is passable with caution. Unfortunately, one driver has already suffered a puncture due to the fallen tree, highlighting the potential danger of the situation.

Additionally, another tree has fallen on the turning to the B3193 from Nogsland, making it impassable. Drivers are advised to avoid this area until the tree is removed. Another tree has fallen just up the hill from Farrants cider barn, adding to the disruption.

Local authorities have been notified of the fallen trees, and efforts are underway to remove them as soon as possible. In the meantime, drivers are advised to take alternative routes and exercise caution on the affected roads.

Residents are encouraged to report any further instances of fallen trees or other hazards on the roads to the relevant authorities to ensure the safety of all road users in the area.

The inconvenience caused by these fallen trees serves as a reminder of the importance of regular tree maintenance and management to prevent such incidents from occurring.