WORK has been ongoing to remove vegetation from cliffs between Dawlish and Holcombe. 

Vegetation on the cliffs is being removed along some sections as part of the programme to stabilise the cliff. 

The work is aimed at stabilisation of the cliffs between Dawlish and Teignmouth.

Measures are being installed to prevent debris falling onto the tracks. 

Protection measures, including netting designed to retain the cliffs in some high risk locations, are being put in place.

During February and March, work has been ongoing to remove vegetation along some sections of the cliff.

The programme is to install stainless steel mesh, secured by bolts on the cliff face, to help prevent debris falling on to the rail tracks. 

Before work started, trial holes were drilled and the nails and bolts to be used were tested.

Ground work has been taking place during February and March. 

A spokesman said: ‘While it may look stark at first, the vegetation will grow back in time.’

Machinery including chainsaws and woodchippers has been used on the cliff to remove material.