THE new lifts at Dawlish railway station are already out of action, just hours after they opened. 

Despite the announcement that the lifts, part of the huge revamp of the station, were to be open to passengers, they were closed a few hours later.

Network Rail says work is underway to fix the fault. 

A spokesman said: ‘We’re working to fix a fault in one of the lifts at Dawlish station.

‘Both lifts are closed for now to make sure no one with limited mobility is stranded on the opposite platform.

‘We’re sorry for any inconvenience – we are in a bedding-in period with the new footbridge and are working to solve the issue as soon as we can.

‘Thank you everyone for your continued patience and support.’

The lifts, installed for the first time in the station's history, are part of a huge improvement programme to the station and the coastal rail line.