WORK is continuing on the transformation of Starcross play park.

Despite recent wet weather, contractors have been ploughing on with work to update facilities at Bonhay Play Park. 

The project is being funded by Starcross Parish Council and county councillor Alan Connett but there is a small shortfall which is being met through fund raising. 

The parish council has teamed up with Starcross Action for Trees and also the Village Wildlife Warden, Alison McGregor, to re-invent the space.  

The area is difficult as it is part of the village flood defences but so far, water absorbing willow trees have been planted along with a small orchard in addition to the children’s spaces. 

A picket fence has been installed to deter dog walkers as there have been incidents of dog fouling which is spoiling the grass and poses a potential danger to children. 

However, one oak tree has had to be felled as it was considered unsafe in an annual inspection. 

Parish councillors Pauline Allen and Lizzie Chase say the trunk has since been ‘imaginatively’ shaped to provide structures for play and seating which is needed in the area. 

A second oak tree in the park has been found to be healthy and growing back after previous pollarding. 

Mixed hedgerow whips which were planted in the autumn should form an attractive barrier to the bank adjoining Baker’s Boatyard. 

This is one of the few natural ecological corridors for wildlife in the village so will be left undisturbed. 

Cllrs Allen and Chase said fencing off the play area was a ‘high priority in all the consultations we’ve held with members of the public and in terms of the necessity to improve safety for children’. 

There had been numerous reports of dogs running loose and fouling the grass, it was considered to be spoiling the use of the park, particularly as there are now picnic areas. 

The village Wildlife Group is still trying to raise funds for the shortfall in funding and for any future projects in the park. 

The latest suggestion has been for some inset walkways so that more parts of the park are accessible to everyone.