PAT SAVAGE-JONES and ANN ENGLISH, of Hennock, write:

A beech tree was planted in l937 in the village to commemorate the coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother).

This tree was planted by a young Elizabeth Webber (known by us as Bett Hall).

She was asked to plant the tree as a representative of the community of Hennock and Teign Village.

The tree was symbolic of the commemoration so when the tree was thought to be dangerous and in need of removal, it was generally assumed that the only action required was the replacement of a more suitable tree, ie replacement of the original symbol.

So by what authority has the parish council decided that this commemoration should be deemed null and void? This is surely not in their remit?

Does the parish council have the right or power to cancel the commemoration of a national, historic and royal event in favour of an alternative dedication.

Such alternative is to be a small group within the community, eg miners. Hennock and Teign Village have never been recognised as mining villages. Some villagers have worked at the mine but many also worked as farmers and farmhands and various other employments.

The commemoration of the coronation still applies and simply requires the replacement of a tree or suitable planting. This area is the only common green space in Hennock and should remain so.