A RALLY has been planned on Haytor tonight to support the appeal by Dartmoor National Park Authority. The appeal aims to overturn a high court ruling in January, that repealed the long-standing right to wild camping in Dartmoor National Park. Since the ruling and the subsequent announcement by DNPA that they would appeal the verdict, momentum has grown in support of the Park Authority. A fundraiser was set up by Dartmoor Preservation Association earlier this year, which has raised over £60,000, and a petition to enshrine in law rights to roam and wild camp in national parks has reached 37,000 signatures.

With the highly anticipated appeal set to be heard tomorrow, a rally is planned in London outside the courts, while another event on Haytor is planned for tonight.

The organisers of the Haytor Rally, Dartmoor Caping Action Group explained the style and purpose of the rally: 'You all know the court appeal is coming up on the 18th of July. However, the night before on the 17th of July, we are heading up to Haytor for a small picnic/gathering and to watch the sunset on Dartmoor.

'We will then watch a starry, starry night and reflect on this magical landscape before the appeal. Meeting from 7pm onwards and all are welcome.

'Bring yourselves, a picnic, something to sit on and warm clothing that is suited to the expected weather. Also, feel free to bring along any banners, placards, or even instruments if you have them.

'Most importantly, bring along good energy and vibes for the appeal the next day. There are multiple car parks nearby that serve Haytor, but please only bring what you can carry in and back out.

'We would appreciate it if you could bring an extra rubbish bag to pick up any litter you might see so we can leave the moor in a better state than when we arrived.

'All dogs are to be on leads as by the DPNA bylaws. Leave only footprints, take only memories and photos.'