A PAIR of rotavators have been gifted to Newton Abbot’s ever-growing group of makers and menders.

Members of Newton Abbot Community Shed gratefully received the two agricultural tools from Alan Gibbs.

The first rotavator has been restored by Shed member Tim Faulkner, and can be seen in the photo, right.

The second rotavator is in the care of fellow member Albert Turner, who is currently undertaking its restoration.

‘Mine is ongoing at the moment, but it will be done soon’ Albert said.

‘It will get done and be sold for funds’ he aded.

Both rotarators are to be sold and the proceeds put toward the Shed group’s coffers.

‘Put it bluntly, I had get rid of a load of stuff at an allotement, which included two rotavators that were just sitting there’ Alan said.

‘I have given them to the communntiy shed and when they are sold all the money goes to the group’ he added.

Newton Abbot Community Shed has gone from strength to strength, boasting some 30 or so members, with new blood joining on a regular basis.

The group has been such a hit that, in addition to its regular Friday sessions, it now opens on Saturdays also - 9.30am to 12.30pm in Room C1 of Newton Abbot Library, as always.

‘We cannot knock Newton Abbot Town Council, Teignbridge District Council and Devon County Council’ Tim said.

‘They have all helped us so much’ he added.