EIGHT ducklings and their mother were rescued from Holcombe beach after becoming separated.

The family were spotted by Dawlish resident Chrissy Marks who saw the eight ducklings as the tide was coming in.

She asked for help to get them away from the beach at Smugglers Lane and reunite them with their mother.

After more than an hour and with the help of a swimmer and a large net, the family were back together.

The stricken ducklings were seen in trouble near the Salty Dog kiosk.

Chrissy said: ‘After a good hour and a half, thanks to a lovely couple who brought their huge net, we managed to safely rescue and reunite mum and ducklings together in the woods area, far away from the beach.

‘It wasn’t easy.

‘Even a lovely man who was on the beach went in the sea to try to catch the mum duck.

‘We got the ducklings in box but it took a while to encourage mum to join them.’

The rescuers managed to encourage the mother duck to follow them far from the tide and near the top of the hill into a clearing by the orchard.

Chrissy added: ‘Pleased to say a very happy ending to the adventures we had on Holcombe beach.

‘Thanks to all who helped.

‘So good to know people care.’

Chrissy contacted Dawlish Waterfowl Wardens for advice.

A spokesman said the ducks were a family of wild Mallard ducks and should usually be left to find their own way to fresh water inlets. If it seems any ducks are in trouble, the advice is to try to catch the ducks and take them upstream.