A BIG team effort by the Highweek Village Inn and Dartmoor Vale Rotary Club has seen thousands of pounds raised for deserving charities in Devon.

Rotarian Mike Beer says: ‘It was a pleasure to hand over the sum of £2,324 to the Devon Young Carers representative Andy Hood.

‘The team at the Highweek Village Inn have worked tirelessly over the years raising funds for various charities and the Devon Young Carers have always been close to the hearts of the staff who rattle the pots and the customers who kindly donate over and over again.’

Andy Hood, local representative of Westbank’s Devon Young Carers, says: ‘We work with young people aged four to 17 who help look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol.

‘We work to make sure that young carers are supported through our service and others, which can include specialist advice, access to respite opportunities and 1:1 support as identified in an assessment.

‘A young carer is someone under the age of 18 who helps look after, or whose life is affected by, a relative with a disability, illness, mental health condition, or drug or alcohol problem.

‘Devon Young Carers is part of Westbank Community Health and Care, an award winning Devon based charity promoting health and wellbeing.’