FLOODING problems on a major Newton Abbot pathway have prompted safety concerns for pedestrians.

The underpass at Penn Inn roundabout regularly floods during heavy rain, often making it impassable.

Now, Devon County Council says it is looking into the issue following a raft of complaints.

The consistent flooding has been a regular headache for anyone on foot along the path which is also used by children walking to and from school.

This week, the subway towards Kingsteignton was awash with water and debris including two shopping trolleys and an orange traffic cone. One eyewitness estimated there was about two feet of water.

Penn Inn, Newton Abbot
(Steve Pope / MDA)

The constant floods have raised safety concerns as some pedestrians have taken to crossing the road at Penn Inn rather than attempt to wade through the water.

Excess water cannot drain into the river through gravity as it is below the main water level.The drains work off two electric pumps, one of which is thought to be faulty or otherwise not functioning as it should.

Cllr Mike Ryan, who represents Buckland and Milber ward, said: ‘It has been a problem for a long time

‘How do you get around the roundabout and into Buckland if you are on foot?

‘It’s dangerous.’

Devon County Council says it is aware of the issue and it is being looked into, with temporary barriers and signs having been erected to divert away pedestrians.

One resident said: ‘I really worry for kids walking home to Buckland, Aller and Milber from the secondary schools.

’Do they have to go onto the road?

‘Hopefully it won’t take one of them getting hit by a car to get this sorted.’

The aftermath of Storm Ciaran left several of the subways submerged in as much as six feet of water.

Another resident commented: ’It has been like it since the 80’s, early 90’s, I remember it as a kid.’

Another said: ‘It is always flooded, as I remember when I lived in Buckland.’

Cllr Colin Parker, who also represents Buckland and Milber ward, said: ‘All of us councillors are of the same boat - we want something done about it.

‘It’s not a new thing, it was a few years ago now, when I went down and walked through with my wellington boots, but I am afraid I had to roll my trosuers up!

‘It’s not good - we want this problem sorted.’