Buckfastleigh Primary School unvieled a series of mosaics that the pupils made the term before Christmas.

Polly Banford, a member of Friends of Buckfastleigh and parent of one of the pupils, stated that the unveiling was successful.

She said: 'It was a great way to celebrate the children's hard work and to introduce the parents of the January intake to both the school and FOBs.'

Teachers and parents attended the event, and Mrs Banford explained that there was no official reason behind the making of the mosaics, it was just a bit of fun for the children.

Two of the mosaics are now mounted on the front wall of the school, the first showing the scene of children playing, and the second a scene of the orchard river with ducks, fish and a frog.

Two students of Oak class also described their mosaic, which has not yet been mounted, which shows a field with sheep, butterflies, and a gate.

All the mosaics are meant to represent an aspect of Buckfastleigh, and the two pupils agreed that although they had to share with their classmates – so could not do as much as they wanted – the mosaics were fun to make.