TUCKED behind Decoy Country Park on Coach Road, Decoy BMX Club run a sports club with families and riders using the track from 18 months old on balance bikes to adults we wouldn’t dare guess their age!

The volunteer run committee work hard to run events during the week for all, and have spent the last few months getting local businesses involved by offering advertising boards which are proving very successful and are already decorating the fences around the track.

Businesses like Green Machine in Kingskerswell, Beaumont Drylining Ltd, Scaffold Structures Ltd Dalton Residences, Disaster Care, Plasco and a well established semi permanent makeup artist in South Devon and more are coming in.

On Saturday a group of volunteers and a handful of riders from age six up to 13 from Decoy BMX braved a day of shoppers by gathering outside Tescos superstore in Newton Abbot to fundraiser for their sport.

They arrived at 8.30am, set up their Gazebo, got their bikes and trubo trainers out and proceeded to spend nearly seven hours with buckets and leaflets speaking to people and asking them to give generously to help support their volunteer run club.

The support on the day was incredible from people giving there coppers to others very generously putting in notes much to the children’s amazement.

Despite the hardship many face with the rising cost of living people were remarkably kind, some just took leaflets, some donated and some even decided to give the bikes a go including an avid road biker well in his 80s!

The club raised just under £300 which will be contributing to equipment to enable first time riders to be able to participant such as gloves, helmets, bikes and their upkeep as so many new riders are turning up at sessions.

I think regardless how much the club raised, which they hope may be in the hundreds, the members of the public the guys all spoke to, the advertising and publicity itself for the club was positive and that was the main goal.

If any local businesses would like to help support the ever growing Club by having their advertising board on display please contact Chris Snell at Decoy.

Not only does the money go directly into the club but for two years the weather proof boards will be on display at events, races, training and coaching sessions and will be mentioned on all social platforms the club use.