SLIMMERS in Dawlish have donated almost 200 bags of too large clothes to raise money for Cancer Research UK. 

Swimming World consultant Claire Hannaford organised the Clothes Throw event where she collected donations at Dawlish Scout Hut before taking them to CRUK.

Claire said: ‘What a morning, we had 187 bags donated in total from Dawlish, which equates to around £4,675 plus Gift Aid. 

‘CRUK will benefit by around £5,843.75

‘Thank you to everyone that came along today and donated, helped receive donations and made the coffee. 

‘Special thanks to Graham and Sam who travelled with me to the Torquay shop to do the drop off and for the guys at the CRUK shop that didn’t know what had hit them when we arrived.

‘Together, with other groups from around Teignbridge, we donated more than 450 donation bags, donations that gorgeous members have slimmed out of, with lots more still to be dropped off.’