A HEAVY thunderstorm directly over Crediton caused flooding in homes and offices and saw some roads under six inches of water today, Sunday, June 18.

The storm broke over Crediton at about 3.30pm and lasted for about half-an-hour.

During that time it was torrential.

Drivers on Jockey Hill in Crediton during a recent storm. Nora Parminter

Mill Street in Crediton saw more than six inches of floodwater on the road for a stretch of 50 metres near the Morrisons store.

Some motorists were very wary of driving through the water.

A passer-by fortunately cleared blocked drains and that really helped clear the flooding.

In North Street homes and offices were flooded.

The height the water reached can be visibly seen along the walls of the properties.

Mopping up was being carried out by residents.


Exeter Road also saw some serious issues.

A manhole cover was lifted by the force of the water and left an exposed hole about eight feet deep in Exeter Road.

One motorist suffered a burst tyre after hitting the exposed hole.

He spent some time parked in the entrance of Fair Park to replace the tyre.

Two volunteers from the local community were able to lift the manhole cover and replace it while traffic was warned on the situation by another volunteer.


A resident of an Exeter Road property, Karen Greenslade, saw her porch and part of her house under several inches of water.

She spent several hours mopping up.

She said: “My neighbour spoke to the council last week as there are blocked drains apparently between 23 and 24 Exeter Road.

“He tried clearing it but it was solid, and the council weren't that interested!”

Market Square House also saw its porch flooded.

In Sandford swift action by some local residents prevented cottages being flooded.

“It was an incredible amount of water in a very short space of time,” said one local resident.