VANDALS have smashed up a lovingly created community garden in Teignmouth.

The Alexandra Terrace garden was built by a group of volunteers but before Christmas, they were devastated when a handmade picnic table was damaged, plants pulled up and a planter ripped off a wall.

The table had been made by Teignmouth town councillor Dan Comer who built is out of waste wood in his workshop.

Dan, who is known as the leader of a group of Teignmouth ‘guerilla gardeners’, said he was ‘extremely upset’ over the damage.

Now he and fellow councillors are offering a £200 reward to find the culprits.

The damage to the bench is likely to take many hours to repair.

Cllr Mike Jackman said: ‘We want the people responsible for this vandalism to be dealt with by way of restorative justice.

‘We don’t want a heavy penalty but nor should we shrug our shoulders and ignore vandalism.’

Cllr Penny Lloyd said: ‘While this incident is very sad, I am encouraged by the number of good people in our community supporting projects to make Teignmouth look good.’

Cllr David Cox said: ‘Dan shows true community spirit and he and his volunteers won’t be put off by this.’

The planter which was ripped off a wall had been put back by a nearby resident.