DEVON Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services is joining forces with criminal justice agencies across the county to promote the new Victims’ Code, which clearly sets out the rights and support that should be provided to all victims of crime, including survivors of sexual violence.

The Victims’ Code explains the 12 key rights that every survivor can expect to receive as they progress through the criminal justice system, whether they have experienced sexual violence, domestic abuse, hate crime or any other offence. Rights include access to interpretation services, information on reporting the crime and the investigation process, as well as support in claiming compensation and giving evidence.

Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services CEO, Dr Davina Cull, commented: ‘We want survivors in Devon to know that this Code exists to support them if they have suffered rape, sexual assault or any kind of unwanted sexual behaviour.

‘Too often, survivors aren’t aware of their rights or what help is available, which can seriously impact their confidence in the system. 

‘By working together with agencies like the police, courts and victim support services, we can ensure every victim understands their entitlements so they feel empowered, informed and have the best chance of getting justice.’

As part of their efforts, Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services will be sharing social media content using the #VictimsCode hashtag. 

They urge any victim of crime to visit to find out more about their rights and the support services accessible in their area, including contacting Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services.

Dr Cull said: ‘This Code belongs to survivors themselves – it’s their right to understand it fully so they know what level of support to expect following a crime.

‘We encourage all survivors or supporters of survivors to make use of this valuable resource.’