Ashburtons Community Fridge celebrates seasonal crops, economical food consumption and being part of a local community. 

Described as the ‘village well’ by Inga Page, the chair of the Community Fridge, It’ the gift that keeps on giving. 

Due to the cost-of-living crisis, inflation has affected every area of day to day living, food is no exception.

Initiatives like the Community Fridge ensure that waste is kept to a minimum, and people in need of food have places to go. 

However, the fridge isn’t just for those in financial difficulties but for everyone who needs or wants to be part of a community scheme, contributing to healthy economic cycle. 

Seasonal fruit and veg surplus are given to the fridge, as well as goods supermarkets can no longer sell. 

Inga said: ‘it’s a good gathering point, you never know what you’re going to get so it’s a bit like a treasure trove.’

From baking and eggs to food on the go, anything and everything can be found in the fridge. 

Last Friday it was full of Halloween themed doughnuts and chicken tikka slices, next week it may be full of potatoes and bananas.

The fridge has more than 40 volunteers now, with more always welcome. 

Another volunteer for Ashburton’s fridge said it was a brilliant concept. 

The fridge is located behind the Ashburton town hall opposite the Information centre entrance.

This isn’t the only fridge in use, there are community fridges doted all across the country.  In Newton Abbot the Courtney centre has a fridge on the left side of the entrance.

Ashburon Community Fridge