MARTIN DON FRAMPTON, of Newton Abbot, writes:

Its very odd... BOTH... TV and radio carry the same very vivid frightening reports on heat and fires. The almost Sci Fi pictures that are really real The world, our home, is burning. The heat is such that timber and heathland and grassland, spontaneously burst into flame.

It also melts ice – lots of ice – thousands of square miles of white ice that at present reflects much of the sun’s heat. Nobody is in any doubt as to the cause of this rise in temperatures across mainland and Mediterranean Europe, The USA and Far East – we are all the cause, by our burning oil – fossil fuels and if we continue doing that the heat will just get hotter.

Nobody is in any doubt as to the only solution – stop doing it. Radio and TV do talk a little about the future of land temperatures and solutions but contain it as more an academic exercise.

Not one newspaper has said it supports ‘Just stop oil’. Politicians, as usual, don’t answer the question but talk of something called net zero and travel by train and get on your bike. They just build more cars and aeroplanes and cruise liners to the Arctic. Some newspapers just castigate the protestors, because the are a nuisance... just like those who protested for Votes for Women a hundred years ago

People from California to Newton Abbot just do not want to face the cost of a solution and I can understand that.

To actually stand and say... Do it... do it now... Just Stop burning Oil as a fuel. Start off by mailing your MP. Make it a short letter... just say ‘J S O’ and sign it. Governments must put into effect a course of actions NOW that will result in substantially ending the use of oil as a fuel – very soon.

A planned adjustment to the way we live and work, play and travel will be infinitely preferable to one imposed by the big round red hot thing up in the sky. Because there is no alternative

For reasons best known to newspapers, their owners and editors and accountants and advertisers, the answer to stop burning the planet is on page 7, if at all, its a pussyfoot solution.. why not ride your bike a bit more rather than use the car.

Page one news is the protesters are all a load of Wallys who want to block roads, disrupt our watching golf, tennis and music concerts etc etc. and we need another law to stop them.

Newspapers seem to have no opinions on what we should do to stop the heat.

They want our opinions on how to stop the protests. Little or no mention of the solution just throw water at it; not – just stop oil. Do nothing and it#s a death sentence to many old folk unless you can afford to keep them just cool/fed/warm/sheltered indoors.

I am reminded of Pete Seeger’s song ‘Where have all the flowers gone?’ ‘When will they ever learn..?’ ‘When will they (that/s you and me) ever learn.?

When Dartmoor catches fire?