MAKE sure you vote on Thursday in the local elections.

Who will get your vote in the Ambrook Ward of Teignbridge Council, where two candidates will be your next councillors?

Here's some information on each of the candidates:


MY family and I have lived in Abbotskerswell for 50 years, with my children and grandchildren going to the village school. Since retiring, I have become involved with the village, being on the allotment committee, helping on the Sunday lunch team, and organising a monthly art group. 

With my experience as a volunteer support worker with various mental health services, I’m aware of the need for more facilitators in the area. 

I am passionate about keeping our green spaces in and around Newton Abbot. 

Good quality affordable housing is needed but in the right place with all the facilities to support it. In rural areas, transport is vital; it’s a lifeline to the nearby towns, so I will strive to keep and hopefully improve some routes. Lastly, our children are our future, and we must keep fighting to get the very best education for them.


I have been Ambrook’s District Councillor for four years. I stood in 2019 as I had no faith in TDC.

That position has not changed. I have challenged the Local Plan vociferously and continue to push against NA3. 

I have asked TDC questions it has been unable or unwilling to answer. I exposed ‘systemic’ failings with the landmark Ombudsman ruling against TDC - the council was found to have acted ‘contrary to the law’, its own constitution, and the human rights act. 

I co-founded to #SavetheAlex and was recently invited to Parliament to share my experiences in town centre regeneration around development of live entertainment venues. 

The residents deserve a transparent council and cultural legacy for future generations.


AFTER a background in Fine Art I retrained with the RHS and set up my own gardening business 

As a professional gardener I see the effects of climate change every day. Summers are hotter and winters wetter, pollinators scarce and plants get stressed in August. It’s worrying. Its upsetting but it’s not too late to change.

I love my allotment and work with the committee. We organise green events and work in collaboration with ACT ( Action on Climate in Teignbridge )

I’m an advocate of mens mental health awareness, it’s easier to live with by talking about it rather than ignoring it.

I’m very community minded. I engage with people. I hear their concerns for young people who cant live where they are from because of unaffordable homes.

We need more quality affordable places to live with decent surroundings and infrastructure.


I was born and have lived on a farm on the edge of Ashburton all my life. 

I have three children, two of which help me run a small business on the Farm.

I have had previous experience working as a local councillor and volunteered with community projects and events.

My farm is located between two wards, Ambrook and Ashburton. If elected to Ambrook ward, I will always act in the best interests of the local community.

On several occasions, I do not feel that Teignbridge District Council has listened to local residents and small business. 

This is where I would like things to change. As an independent group we are not constrained by party policies.