DANCING youngsters from Wolborough C of E Nursery and Primary School took to the streets of Newton Abbot last week to celebrate Spring in time-honoured fashion.

The entire school congregated below the Clock Tower on Friday (May 25th) for the annual May Day celebration dance event watched by crowds of family members and shoppers.

The event began with a traditional maypole dance, and the children put a contemporary twist on this by following it with some more modern dances with modern music.

Sally Henley, town development manager, said: ‘It was lovely to see an age-old tradition come alive with all different ages taking part, especially with it being taken out of the playground and into the town’s centre.”

One young boy, Josh, acted as the master of ceremonies and took to the microphone providing the audience with that added bit of entertainment by throwing in jokes during the intervals.

This intertwining of old tradition and new ideas made for a refreshing display of performances for all to enjoy.

Glynis Honeywill, school administrator, said: ‘It went really well, the children just love it and it’s something that we have been doing for years.’