YES, it’s that time of year again to meet, and this time in Egypt. It’s not that I am against the COP meetings, but the lack of being true to their words.

COP 26 last year was flagged as ‘the last chance to make a difference.’ I suppose COP 27 is the last chance saloon! As I stated last week, most of the politicians and TV commentators don’t really understand what’s at stake.

It has been suggested last week, that dealing with this should not all be down to government to sort out how to reduce our carbon emissions. In part, I do agree with that statement.

If we wait for our government to come up with a grant scheme to insulate your home; with no money in the government’s reserves, I think we could all be waiting a long time.

This means two things, firstly, we must do what we can now to up-grade our own home.

Secondly, continually encourage the government by writing to them and getting them to see the logic of green investments, and how it would not just save the planet but save all of us a lot of money on our energy bills.

The big bonus would also be that we would not be dependant on overseas energy supplies and often from countries we can’t rely on.

Many energy companies are owned by other governments, how short-sighted and dangerous is that! Well, we have just found out. Investing in energy saving products and systems would bring large scale growth as well.

When COP 27 is over, we can have another look at what they are pledging, but yet again, I am not holding my breathe