BOVEY Tracey Bowls Club had plenty of action in the last week even with the topsy-turvy weather.

First, they visited Newton Abbot for a Mid Devon League match and came away with a close win by two rinks to one, with one drawn, and by 81 shots to 78 overall.

D Anderson, N Botham, L Hignett, M Webber 19-19; J Farley, P Cridge, K Breame, E Ridgewell 27-21; C Young, A Tremlett, C Shorland, P Joy 21-20; S Callard, A Chew, K Lockett, D Saunders 14-18.

Newton Abbot claimed three league points as a result whilst Bovey collected a very impressive 11.

In the Men's Over 55’s X Section, Bovey played host to Starcross and, although the rinks were shared one apiece, Bovey took the win on overall score by 36 shots to 26.

D Anderson, S Callard, R Bailey 12-19; A Windmill, K Lockett, P Joy 24-7. Again, in terms of league points, Bovey took six to the two of Starcross.

The Ladies South Devon League home match against Belgrave, Torquay consisted of only two games, the visitors being unable to field a full team. The two games played ended one each with Bovey claiming the third by default, resulting in a win for them by 37 shots to 24. C Towle, J Ridgewell, H Call 23-9; D Simpson, K Callard, S Breame 14-15. Eight league points went the way of Bovey and Belgrave, Torquay got two.

Meanwhile, two friendlies were played against Chagford in the space of a week.

In the away match, Chagford took the win by three rinks to one and by 47 shots to 83. L Cridge, A Chew, S Breame 5-27; C Crocombe, P Cridge, H Call 16-24; J Farley, J Ridgewell, K Breame 15-14; S Davies, J Ellis, C Shorland 11-18.

However, a complete reversal saw Bovey win the home match by three rinks to one and by 81 shots to 64. A Chew, J Fullbrook, H Call 24-8; D Wraighte, Y Stanford, A Windmill 24-14; L Fullbrook, M Bolt, K Lockett 26-9; C Crocombe, S Davies, J Richards 7-33.

In county competition, Bovey ladies over 55’s pair Chris Towle & Kath Callard lost 23-25 to Carol Sims & Dawn Crawford of Shaldon, despite scoring seven shots on the penultimate end.

Lastly, there was action from the various club competitions, this time around featuring the Ladies’ two wood single and also the Ladies’ handicap.

Heidi Call beat Kath Callard 16-13 in the former whereas Lucy Brothwood beat Lynn Cridge in the latter, just as narrowly, with a score of 21-15.