ON EASTER Monday, Fit2Run member and running regular Mandi Robson took part in the 'Shapwick Bunny Hop' running event, writes Lucy Woolley.

The Shapwick Bunny Hop is a 7.5-mile loop held on varying surfaces following footpaths and lanes around Shapwick and the nature reserve. It was extremely muddy for the first few miles but ultimately good fun, according to Mandi.

The Bunny Hop is a well organised event run by local Somerset running group Street Striders and Shapwick Runners in aid of the village hall fund and a number of local charities.

Mandi crossed the finish line in an excellent time of one hour and 15 minutes, earning her first place in the V60 category and a bottle of wine. This paired nicely with the bottle of Bunny Hop cider that all participants were awarded with at the finish!