STOVER Golf Club is delighted to have the new course open and available to use after a great deal of hard work, sweat and even some tears.

This project has been years in the making now and the club would like to pay tribute to Jason and his team for their tireless work in making this possible. Their efforts have been ably assisted by some volunteer members without whom the volume of work could not have been completed.

Some last-minute jobs had to be completed, including a lot of drainage work in bunkers and on the fairways of holes eight, nine and 10 in particular. A temporary local rule has been issued dealing with these abnormal ground conditions.

Also, the final steps on the ninth tee have been completed, signage has been finalised on the tee boxes and an additional clock has been put in that can now be seen from the first tee, so there is no excuse for teeing off at the wrong team!

Richard Such and DSigns were responsible for the signage side of things and Marc Wain donated the clock, so Stover thanks them for their contributions as well.

Following on from that, it is important to pay tribute to those who, throughout this project, have contributed their time and expertise. In the history of Stover Golf Club there has probably never been a project to equal this one, and they must be thanked for their efforts.

Jason and his team will be the first to say there is still a great deal to do and work will be ongoing to improve the new course and cover off all the snagging issues. Please bear with them while they continue to make adjustments and improvements to our new layout. One of these snags is a small leak from the pipe just over the bridge on the 16th. Jason has this in hand but thanks to those who have reported it.

Amongst the "planned chaos" Jason and his team took delivery of our new Toro 3400 Triflex Greens Mower which was ordered over 18 months ago.

A new era is upon us at Stover Golf Club!