POLICE Dog Bill, pictured, is picking up a lot of likes and hearts on the Newton Abbot Police Facebook page.

The town’s police put up a profile of their faithful hound on International Dog Day.

They said on their Facebook page: ‘Some of you might remember PD Elvis who was our April Fools day Police dog.

‘Well here is PD Bill who is actually a fully working police dog based at our headquarters.

‘The dogs, who live with their handlers, are specially trained, of good temperament and most importantly, bold and courageous!

‘There is no bond quite like the one shared between a police dog and their handler.

‘Our Police Dogs have different specialist skills including being able to detect drugs, money, firearms, explosives... the list goes on, along with assisting our Public Order and Firearms units.

‘Their sense of smell is much more sensitive than us humans, so we use this to our advantage to help us to detect and prevent crime. The police dogs of Devon & Cornwall keep us safe 24/7.

Facts about Bill:

  • Favourite Toy: Ball on a rope.
  • Favourite Activity: Hunting/Catching baddies
  • Favourite Film: Dr Dolittle
  • Started Service: February 2023
  • Training: General Purpose
  • Handler: PC Harris.

Among the comments are:

‘Aww, the lovely, lovely Bill’

‘PC Harris and PD Bill – heart.’

‘Love Bill.’