ANOTHER four years are in store for the South Devon Alliance's Janet Bradford and Liam Mullone, as the pair retain their College Ward seats. Janet said: ‘I’m thrilled that the community has voted me in for another four years.’

Liam added: 'We kind of knew we were going to get in because of what the council has done to the place where we live. 

‘What I’m less thrilled about is that four years ago there was a Lib Dem landslide which then decayed into failed policy, failed promises and just a pile of crap. And now people have gone and asked for more of the same. 

‘People need to really really think about what they're voting for and not use the Lib Dems as a dustbin vote, because they don’t want to think and they don’t want to vote tory. So I’m delighted and I’m also really p***** off.'