JESS the ‘beautiful dog’ was at the centre of a dramatic rescue operation after she became trapped underground at Haytor.

These images of the multi-agency operation were placed on Facebook by Buckfastleigh Fire Station who were quick to praise the work of the Devon Cave Rescue Operation and the Dartmoor Search and Rescue team at an old mine/quarry spoil heap.

The Buckfastleigh Firefighters report: ‘This evening (Devon Cave Rescue Organisation were involved in a multi agency Rescue of a dog trapped underground at Haytor, Dartmoor.

‘Shortly after 1930hrs this evening we were called out by our colleagues and friends at Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team - Ashburton to assist them and our collegues at Bovey Tracey Fire Station with the Rescue of a beautiful dog, called Jess, who had become trapped in an old mine/quarry spoil heap.

‘Jess had decided that, whilst out walking with her Dad, she would give caving a crack and disappeared off into a large granite spoil heap (a large pile of huge granite boulders that are precariously balanced on top of each other).

‘Unfortunately Jess got herself through a series of very narrow voids into a small chamber and despite attempts to call her out it was recognised that she was truly trapped underground with some concern there had been a collapse inside the boulder pile.

‘After an initial search by a surface team it was recognised that this would be a job best suited to the specialist skills and knowledge that our team possess. The team got to work locating Jess within the boulder ruckle helped by her dad who had already began moving some rubble which is where the team focused their efforts.

‘We very carefully and slowly removed rubble and boulders all the time monitoring for movement to avoid collapse into the voids that Jess was trapped to avoid any harm to Jess or team members working in the area.

‘After a couple of hours of careful teamwork we were able to access the void and release Jess from her ordeal into the care of a vet on the Ashburton team.

‘Jess appears well and has said she may give caving another go but next time will go with a guide and with proper equipment.

‘Thankfully it won’t be in the same place as the team backfilled the voids to prevent further accidents in the future.

‘Tonight’s effort was a fantastic example of joint multi agency working amongst several services. It was also an opportunity for other teams to view our teams skills, as our work is normally done under ground and out of sight.

‘We wish Jess a speedy and full recovery after her ordeal. ‘

‘The team is made up 100 per cent of volunteers and we rely on fundraising and donations to enable us to do what we do.’

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