THE underexplored mental health issues affecting men is the focus of a new play, ‘Walking. Falling. Getting Up... Again…’ 

The play, which is be being performed at the new venue of Cob Barn at On The Hill in the Teign Valley, promises to be a unique and thought-provoking experience, exploring what it means to be and become a man today.

Devised by professional and non-professional actors from South Devon, the play examines the causes of overt and covert depression in men and how the consequences of shame and grandiosity often contribute to addiction, suicide, difficulties relating, violence, and war.

Directed and conceived of by Ben Yeger and with support from dramaturgs Lee Hart and Stu Daniels, ‘Walking. Falling. Getting Up... Again…’ draws inspiration from Terrence Real’s seminal book, ‘I Don’t Want to Talk About It. Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression.’ 

Featuring an exceptional cast, including David Greenaway, Pete Okeefe, Jo Clark, Jack Langlois, Oliver Hurd-Thomas, Tom Towey, Neville Connor, and Jason Burns, the play combines ‘humor, improvisation, words, dancing, red noses, music, visual projections, and more.’ The performance is suitable for a mixed audience aged 12 and above and runs for two hours with an interval.

‘Walking. Falling. Getting Up... Again…’ is not only an opportunity to engage with important social issues but also a chance to explore the inner lives of men. The play invites the audience to be brave enough to talk about this sensitive topic and confront the stigma surrounding mental health.

Director Ben Yeger, said: ‘The piece of theatre has been brewing in me for over 16 years. It’s been a long and at times painful journey involving a lot of walking, falling and getting up again and again.

‘Gathering and working with this remarkable group of Men has been nothing short of magnificent - we have laughed, cried, grappled and hopefully creatively manifested something which is way beyond what I first dreamt up. 

‘We have not shied away from facing difficult themes like depression, shame, violence and war, after all, these are all part of the lived experience of being a man.  I can’t wait to share it with an audience.’

In addition to the performance, food and drinks will be available from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm, and an after-show discussion will take place from 10pm. The Dock and Thistle Bar will be open until midnight, with cash-only transactions.

Tickets for “Walking. Falling. Getting Up... Again...” can be purchased On The Hill website for £6/£9/£13. The play will be performed from May 5 to 7 2023 at 8 pm.