SPEEDS of more than 99mph have been recorded in a Newton Abbot street where the limit is 30mph.

The shocking figures were detected in St Marychurch Road, captured on portable equipment, provided by Newton Abbot Town Council with a grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner, after residents expressed concerns about road safety.

It has prompted hope of new permanent speed cameras meaning those who break the rules there could face hefty fines or driving bans.

The VASS - vehicle activated speed signs - were set up in St Marychurch Road between June 1 to July 3 when more than 20,000 vehicles exceeded 35mph and 119 drivers topping 60mph.

Between December 8 to January 2, more than 22,000 drivers ignored the 30mph limit with speeds of 89.05, 89.37 and 99.24mph being detected.

During a Speedwatch session in Ashburton Road on Sunday February 4, Speed Detection Officer Dave Burrows of Devon and Cornwall Police slammed the behaviour.

He said: ‘It’s disgraceful, it’s unforgivable.That sort of speed, 100mph, you’re covering nearly 150ft of road surface per second.

‘I’ve spent the last 30 years dealing with serious and fatal road accidents, I’m an experienced collision investigator, and at that speed the occupants of a car or anyone else wouldn’t stand a chance.’

The man responsible for much of Newton Abbot’s Speedwatch activity is former Mayor, Cllr Mike Joyce.

He and his volunteers have spent several years supporting the police.

‘Ninety-nine miles an hour in a 30 zone, that is frightening,’ he said.

‘It scares me to death, to think someone could be doing that speed.

‘But the results of all the statistics we’ve sent to the police is that county highways have said they’re going to recommend installing a static camera there.

‘There’d be no need for this if people abided by the speed limits, they’re there for a reason. I still don’t understand why people don’t get that.

‘But it’s good news that our efforts are being rewarded and the problem taken seriously.

‘We look forward to more success stories elsewhere in town such as Ashburton Road and Torquay Road where residents have also expressed concerns.’