INCOMING Prime Minister Boris Johnson will deliver ‘a new invigorating positive vision’ for the country, Newton Abbot MP Anne Marie Morris claims.

Ex-Foreign Secretary Mr Johnson fought off competition from rival Jeremy Hunt to take the top job with a landslide victory on Tuesday.

Tory Ms Morris, who backed Mr Johnson in the race for Number 10, told the Mid-Devon Advertiser after the results were announced: ‘Boris will bring strong leadership not just to the Conservative Party, but our great United Kingdom.’

She added: ‘We will at last see a clear direction of travel and I have no double that he will deliver Brexit by October 31 this year and a new invigorating positive vision for the future of our country.’

House of Commons leader and Central Devon MP Mel Stride was supporting Michael Gove and had been appointed his campaign manager.

Mr Stride said this week: ‘Now is the time for us to unite behind our new Prime Minister. To get Brexit done and to move the national focus onto the key domestic issues such as education, health, policing and transport.’

Stanley Johnson, who stood to become Teignbridge’s MP in 2005, revealed he was over the moon with his son bagging his new top job.

He explained: ‘I am a totally proud father. I can’t imagine that I ever thought this would actually happen. There are not a lot of chaps whose sons become Prime Minister.

‘And the good thing is of course, okay maybe Boris will do quite a lot for Brexit, which is totally fixable and the easier thing, but it’s the big things like climate change and bio-diversity of forests that I am hoping he’s going to get on with.’

And when asked if he was hoping that his son would give him a job, Mr Johnson senior replied: ‘I don’t think there is the slightest chance of that.

‘Snowball’s chance in hell, a flying Frisbee incarnated as an olive – those are the images that come to mind.’