WORK continues on the rail line in Dawlish with engineers craning new concrete units in to build new lifts at the station.

Following the success linking the two sections of completed new sea wall, Network Rail is carrying on with the second phase of the £80million improvement programme.

This weekend, the team from BAM Nuttall who are working on construction of the remaining parts of the project, have been working overnight on the station improvements.

On Saturday night, they continued to crane in pre-cast sections of the new accessible footbridge and the lift shafts.

Progress was also made with the shield wall which will help to protect the new bridge from the elements.

The lift towers are now beginning the take shape.

The lift and accessible footbridge are due for completion later this year.

Once completed, the work will mean Dawlish station has a lift for the first time in its history.

Work on the station started in autumn 2022 on the footbridge and lifts.

A Network Rail spokesman said: ‘Along with the platform improvements, it will bring huge benefits to passengers, especially those in wheelchairs, using pushchairs or carrying heavy luggage.’

Changes have been made to the original design which will make the bridge more slender.

The updated design also uses less structural stainless steel, which has more than trebled in cost since the project began.

However, the finished bridge will have a stainless steel and glass parapet, allowing passengers to enjoy the view as they cross.

The lift shafts will be finished in grey, textured concrete to blend in with the new sea wall.

The current footbridge will remain in place as an integral part of the station platform buildings for those who still want to use it.