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Sunday 10th July 2022 8:00 am
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Paul Mcartney’s Glastonbury concert was, in my opinion, simply outstanding and was enjoyed by many.

For those who missed it, between songs he spoke to introduce the next number or elaborate on a sentiment expressed within it.

At one point I identified very closely with his statement as an 80-year -old (I am not 80 I hasten to add, but not so far off) that if you love someone, tell them.

The time is fast approaching when you won’t be able to, and an opportunity will be missed.

Someone will never know therefore that you cared about them, and they will never know they were loved by you.

On his death bed my 96-year -old dad beckoned me close and whispered (he could hardly speak) ‘Gordon, I love you.’ I told him the same. It was the only time we ever told each other, and he died shortly after.

Those were the last words he ever spoke. How wonderful (at least for me) that he actually got around to saying it, how very memorable.

He was ‘old school’. Stiff upper lip, no emotion Englishman. It was how I was brought up.

There is a place for emotional control. I can remember an old and trusted colleague once telling me that I was a true Celt, as I wore my heart on my sleeve and all could tell how I felt, about life, the universe etc.

Maybe. I do know that I have changed (perhaps still changing) as an individual, and increasingly I try and let people know I care for them.

I very much hope my children, and others, know I love them. Can I urge you to do the same, if you don’t currently do so?

First time may not be easy, but do it.

Paul Macartney realises the importance of telling people that you love them, and we all need more love in our lives, we all need to show and express love.

Let me try and clarify a little. Love doesn’t mean soft and soggy, roll over and be exploited.

Hard love sometimes requires discipline and denial. Love doesn’t mean its always possible to actually like someones actions, but we go on loving them, as ultimately love does conquer all.

A child may do something we don’t like, but it doesn’t stop us loving them.

I well remember a fellow teacher from my days at Plymouth College, Roli Jones a passionate Welshman, Head of Geography and i/c the 1st XV telling me once, ‘You win more with sugar than vinegar’.

How true that is. Build people up, don’t (always) knock them down.

OK, some people do need taking down, and it’s one of the skills of a teacher (of a parent?) to know who and when to build up and when to knock down, but let’s all concentrate on the building up, on the loving and caring for each other and for our communities.

There simply isn’t enough love around.

There isn’t enough love in our communities, in our workplaces, in our families or certainly in our politics!

What a different more positive world we would live in, if love was the motive that drove us. How much better would our world be if those in positions of authority loved the people they had authority over. Love should be the driving force of mankind, not hate, greed, jealousy, envy, power, money …but it starts with you and me.

So, if you love someone and you have never told them, or perhaps only rarely done so, do it today, do it right now, tell someone that you love them!


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