THE ICONIC black swans of Dawlish are breeding again.

For the second year in succession, the town’s symbolic birds are back on the nesting site.

At least one egg has been seen on the nest at Tuck’s Plot and it is understood they are the same breeding pair as last year, dad Bert and Kimba, described as a ‘loved up pair’.

The population of swans has been boosted over the last year with a clutch of seven eggs which hatched in February.

This followed a difficult few years when the birds were affected by outbreaks of Avian flu, which claimed the lives of 11 swans, and flooding.

Now the birds nest on a specially designed raised area, built to be above extreme high water level conditions, as seen recently.

News of the egg siting has delighted residents and onlookers watching the cameras trained on the area.

Black swans were brought to Dawlish in the early 20th century, when the first pair were brought over from New Zealand.

They are the unofficial symbol of Dawlish and a major tourist attraction.