A TEIGNBRIDGE fire crew’s latest drill night saw them visit a former care home.

Tracey House, a former care home in Bovey Tracey, recently played host to the town’s firefighters for a Breathing Apparatus (BA) drill.

With their vision purposefully obscured to imitate smoky conditions, four BA teams were committed to different search patterns when navigating the building.

They had several casualties to locate.

Bovey Tracey Fire Station
(Bovey Tracey Fire Station )

Firefighters are usually committed with either a left hand directional search or a right hand directional search.

This ensures a team will maintain contact with a wall with either their left or right hand while sweeping up and down to locate door handles.

This allows the other team member to stretch out to cover the room or corridor.

‘We would like to thank the owners of Tracey House for use of their premises for our training night,’ a spokesman for Bovey Tracey Fire Station said.