MAKE sure you vote on Thursday, in the local elections.

Who will get your vote in the Bushell Ward of Teignbridge Council, where two candidates will be your next councillors?

Here's some information on each of the candidates:


RICHARD is an IT expert. He is standing as the Heritage Party candidate for Bushell

He believes that  all housing targets for local councils should be abolished, along with the practices of building large housing developments on prime agricultural land and ‘densification’ and ‘intensification’ where town centres are turned into blocks of flats dozens of stories high to meet imposed targets for housing units.

Regeneration schemes must work for the benefit of established communities and not destroy historic neighbourhoods and buildings.

Such projects should be subject to a ballot of the residents who will be affected, and no residents should be forced to move against their will.


I have lived in Devon for over 30 years in both rural and urban areas and have a corresponding awareness of the issues facing residents of both localities. 

The shortage of affordable housing in Teignbridge is a major concern of mine, reflecting the period of over 10 years I have worked for a homeless charity based here in Devon. 

I will seek planning solutions to help Devon make the best of its natural and human resources whilst conserving and enhancing the environment and wildlife. 

I am currently employed locally by the National Trust, one of Britain’s leading conservation charities. As your councillor I would fight to minimise your energy costs and to improve public services.


I have worked for the NHS for 24 years working as a Clinical Support worker in Learning Disability in a community hospital in Newton Abbot and Old People Mental Health services in Torbay Hospital. I also served as the Retirement Officer for Unison within the NHS.  

For ten years I was the treasurer and also a Management Trustee for the Newton Abbot Street Pastors, a local charity. I also worked for a number of years for The Workers Education Association as a Voluntary Education Advisor. I served on the Parochial Church Council for St Luke’s Church Newton Abbot for two years and was a Management Trustee for 15 years for the Pentecostal Church in Newton Abbot.

My passions are local issues within Teignbridge area i.e. Law and Order, climate change, state of the roads, housing, education and other issues within the town.

such as unsociable behaviour, CCTV and town events.


I’m an experienced and committed community campaigner.I am the current District Councillor for Bushell Ward where I live, and have an excellent record of action and success, taking up issues on behalf of residents, such as parking, planning, homelessness, anti-social behaviour, litter and flooding. 

I have been a life-long environmental campaigner and I have brought that knowledge, energy and passion into the Council.  I am driven to make a real impact for the better to the lives of my fellow residents, our town, and our precious environment. I will always do my best to help residents. 

If an issue is important to you, then it is important to me. I believe we need to be honest about the hurdles in the way to achieving, but work together locally to get past those hurdles. I can pledge my honesty, hard work and commitment.

 I respectfully ask for your support.”


I HAVE lived and worked in south Devon for twenty five years and feel passionately about our precious environment and community.

As a candidate in the Bushell Ward I consider transparency and straight talking from our elected council in all matters that have in impact on our town and environment.

Working hard in the best interests of the public and not being in the ‘pocket’ of business big or otherwise.

Having a career in financial services I understand how important, honesty, integrity and direct dealing is to inspire confidence in others.

With me as your candidate, in Bushell, you can be assured that I will represent you with passion and be a voice of reason and common sense.


MIKE JOYCE has Newton Abbot in his blood. 

He is the Police Advocate and chair of the Patients’ Group, liaising between providers, those in need and Devon NHS. 

His father was the first blue-collar councillor in Okehampton, and he imbued Mike with a firm sense of civic duty. 

Mike ditched the Lib Dems two years ago while serving as mayor, which was a major coup. 

‘I was told to toe the line and shut up, and I wasn’t prepared to do either of those things. 

‘So I joined a party of like-minded individuals who are allowed to think for themselves.’ 

Mike is standing for the South Devon Alliance to represent the residents of Newton Abbot.


I HAVE lived in Newton Abbot and the wider Teignbridge area for many years and fully appreciate what an outstanding area of Devon we all live in.

I have worked extensively in the private and public sectors in strategic roles and more recently in education, supporting children, young people and their families through multi-agency working. 

Although Teignbridge and its towns offer a fabulous environment in which to live and work, there are a great many issues and challenges facing the area and I believe that the Conservative party and its members, working with partners and collaboratively across the political landscape, is well positioned to make a difference to all those in the communities we serve.


I HAVE lived and worked in the Newton Abbot and the surrounding area all of my life.

After studying business at South Devon Tech, I joined a local firm of auctioneers in Newton Abbot.  

I then followed my father into sales and worked for a multi-national insurance company for 25 years.

Nicola and I have brought up our two sons, both of whom attended local primary and secondary schools, before going onto university.

In the last decade, we have built our own home, I have worked in renewable energy and spent many hours volunteering with local sports clubs.

All of those who know me, know I have always been a conservative through good times and bad and I urge you to support me in the upcoming elections.