THE results for the election are now in and the newly elected councillors are taking up their new roles, writes Councillor Phil Bullivant.

Congratulations to all of the elected councillors and I hope we can deliver the things the district needs, efficiently and cost effectively.

The results for my party were disappointing but reflected the wider national view with government rather than focussing on  local issues meaning that we lost some experienced and capable councillors in Teignmouth and a councillor in Teign Valley but also gained a new seat in Teignmouth to compensate.

As a result, we will not now be able to deliver some of the key changes we had planned, including the mortgage deposit guarantee scheme to provide homes for people nor will we be able to give the free Sunday parking we had planned to do.

I am sorry for this but continue to work towards these goals and the delivery of better employment opportunities and our other key projects.

The turnout at the election, as a local election, was low, as anticipated between 26% and 35% in most areas which is disappointing as the mandate for the district may not now necessarily represent the wishes of the wider population.

We will, however, work and try to encourage a cross party approach to focus the activities carried out by the council towards the needs of our communities.

We saw in the last administration, a level of procrastination and failure to address key issues that will now need to be addressed now and we hope that together we will be able to deliver the improvements and changes needed by the council for residents.

Elected councillors have a duty to represent both their local electorate and also the interests of the 135,000 people who live in Teignbridge.

This mandate should recognise the wider challenges and opportunities and lead to the delivery of projects and services across the region. 

We will be working to ensure that this is at the heart of council deliberations.

Thanks to those who voted, congratulations to the successful candidates and condolences to those who did not win seats.