A POLICE operation to locate a man in the villages of Sandford and Cheriton Fitzpaine near Crediton caused alarm for many local residents on Thursday, August 10.

A police spokesperson told the “Crediton Courier”: “Officers were called to the area of Sandford near Crediton at 10am on August 10, following reports that a man had been assaulted by another man. 

“It was reported that the man had left the area in a vehicle and we received further information of possible hit-and-run collisions, believed to be linked to the incident.

“Enquiries led officers to the area of Cheriton Fitzpaine where a man was located and detained by police officers.

“A 49-year-old man from the Exeter area has been arrested and remains in police custody.”

Police and an ambulance were first seen rushing to Sandford to deal with the situation but it is believed that the man made off in a car towards Stockleigh English.

The vehicle was then believed to have been involved in a hit-and-run collision with a car near Cheriton Fitzpaine.

By this time the Force helicopter was involved in trying to locate the man and his vehicle.

Local social media posts at the time included one which read: “Please stay inside your houses, there is a crazy man in the village that the police are looking for and he’s dangerous.

“He’s got long dreadlock hair and a blue t-shirt! Please be careful!”

It is also understood that a police dog or dogs and a firearms unit from the police was also involved.